IMG_8045-2Hi there, my name is Rob Schmahl, I’m a computer tech by day and creative graphic designer by night. I love technology and gadgets, I love fonts and logos, I love shapes and all shades of the color yellow (see my logo), I also love turtles…ninja turtles. I’m into comic books, super hero movies, classic movies, bad movies, westerns and most importantly, my family. I draw inspiration from life, whether its music, nature or something seen on the street, life is full of inspiration if you just open your eyes and look around!

Creativity is the lifeblood that fuels me, its my passion. I believe the proof is in the end product. Anything from real estate photography, album artwork, fliers, to posters. Business cards, banners, animated gifs, music videos, commercials, website design and logos. There is no job too big or small…I’m always open to customize any job or put together a package to benefit you and your project.

Why hire me, you might ask? Why not do the graphic work yourself? Most people understand the risks they face when they choose to handle their own legal or tax matters, but many don’t realize the risks that they face when they choose to handle their own graphic design. The potential pitfalls come in the form of poor first impressions, as well as lost opportunities and profits, to name just a few. A professional graphic designer, on the other hand, can ensure that your marketing materials produce results and create a powerful impression.

IMG_6422Please contact me today to get a quote on your next project.